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Voice of the Apostles

voa large_bugVoice of the Apostles (VOA) is the annual homecoming event for the Global Awakening family. It’s an exciting time for the attendees, organizing staff, and ministers—the premiere event of the year for us! VOA attendees find their confidence and hope restored, and leave with fresh perspective and a renewed agenda from God for their lives.

The events in a believer’s day-to-day life can be absorbing, causing a feeling of being powerless and frustrated. Distractions and hardships we encounter can lure us away from pursuing the will of God for their lives, and from being confident in what God is saying to us. Voice of the Apostles is a time to step away from all of that, to hear the amazing stories and testimonies of what God is doing through people around the world. It is an oppportunity to be restored, encouraged, and reminded of who God is and what He is doing through His people around the world.

VOA gathers together in one place many of the current leaders in this move of God. These leaders have traveled around the world in order to live what they preach, experiencing firsthand God’s passion and the release of Heaven’s power. The world is hungry for the supernatural and the Church is at the forefront, leading the way to train and teach the world through the power and love of Jesus Christ.

  • A huge roster of world-renowned speakers
  • Multiple worship leaders
  • Special chart-topping musical guest worship leaders
  • VOA Kids: the full VOA experience for your children
  • Expo Center with author book signings and more
  • Ridiculously cheap hotel rates just for VOA attendees
  • Lots more!

Prepare to be reminded of the fullness of the life to which you are called; challenged to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with miracles, signs, and wonders accompanying; to change the world, whether in a foreign land, at your workplace, or in your own home.

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Upcoming Events


April 13 - 16, 2016

Lancaster, Pennsylvania