Young Man Gets Dramatically Saved

From a GSSM second year Practicum trip in Sadalia, MO

The first night we were there, Friday, we met a young man whose mother encouraged him to talk with me after I prayed for her. I began to talk with the young man and he was not very responsive or talkative. I asked if I could pray over him and he said “yes”.

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Young Mother Set Free After 9 Years of Depression

A mother came forward with her 9-year-old son who had epilepsy. During the interview with his mother about her child it became evident that she also needed prayer.

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Ministering in Emergency Room Brings God's Surprises

In Londrina we volunteered to go to the hospital to pray for a woman with thrombosis. We arrived in the emergency room and prayed for the woman. Her leg was swollen and purple. We prayed and commanded the clot to dissolve. Then she was called to go see the doctor so we had to stop praying.

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Deliverance From Macumba Brings Freedom For Teen

As I finished ministering deliverance to a lady, I looked at the line in front of me and there, next in line, stood a young girl. She looked like an innocent child, but when she got to me, she looked lost. She didn't seem to know why she was there.

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Woman Healed Emotionally, Spiritually & Physically

The first woman who came to me asked for prayer for depression. I introduced myself and asked her name. Maida was my translator. I asked what she wanted prayer for and she said depression and thyroid problems.

Categories: December 2014 Brazil, Testimonies, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical Tags: Abdominal Pain, Depression, Forgiveness Issues, Joy Restored, Thyroid problem

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