How great is our God? Ask the overflow crowds that attended the meetings in Moscow, Russia. A profound awe for our Lord permeated the worship, as day after day and night after night healings broke out in great numbers.

Randy began the event by sharing numerous testimonies of people being healed simply by hearing the Word of Knowledge. With an understanding that it was just as though Jesus stood before them declaring His desire to heal them, the scene was set for an exciting night. Before even half the team had given their word of knowledge, hands started waving all over the room. The evidence of God’s desire and power to heal caused faith to explode. At every opportunity, the crowd pressed in for prayer. During the first 3 days of our trip, we saw over 700 physical healings and 100 emotional healings. With God’s love for them so evident, 37 attendees chose to give their lives to Jesus. Following are a few testimonies from our time in Moscow. Prayed for a lady who had pain and aching all over her body. It was so bad that it hurt to breathe. After praying a few times, we asked her how she felt. She began to breathe without pain!! She started crying as she exclaimed that the pain was gone!! She had the pain for three years!!

– 9/2/11 Elizabeth West, Starbucks Barista


When Randy asked the ministry team to share words of knowledge during a service in Moscow, I remembered that when falling asleep the night before, I had a “fleeting impression” of someone having an accident on a farm and it had something to do with a cow!!Feeling somewhat silly, I decided to step out in faith and share it thinking it just might be from the Lord. When I did, a woman instantly stood up and excitedly waved her arms indicating that she had been healed. She even threw a kiss my way. Later, we found out that when she had been milking a cow on their farm many years ago, the cow became excited, twirled around, and stomped on her foot. She had been in constant pain for twenty years! I learned that God often speaks in a still small voice and to always be listening.

9/2/11 Judy Telling, Homemaker


Our time in Russia was followed by one week in Ukraine where we strengthened our relationship with Henry Madava’s ministry. According to Randy, there are four churches in which a corporate anointing was left after he ministered there: Bill Johnson’s church in Redding, CA; Tom Jones’s church in Englewood, FL; Silvio Galli’s church in Maua, Brazil; and Henry Madava’s church in Kiev, Ukraine. We started the week ministering in two of Pastor Madava’s church plants in Zhitomir, Ukraine and ended with a conference in his approximately 2,000 seat auditorium in Kiev.

The power of God was present to not only heal but also to draw people to Himself resulting in 833 healings and 199 salvations in 6 days of ministry. With an emphasis on evangelism and activating individuals for the great commission, the congregation of Victory Church was primed and ready to receive powerful impartations. We concluded the week’s events with 1 hour of pre-service prayer for the blind, deaf, lame and terminally ill. The ushers were kept busy organizing the many people who came for their touch from Jesus. Following are two testimonies from our week in Ukraine:

During 5:00 pm prayer session for the terminally ill, a man named Dimitrius was brought by his friend for prayer. He could not walk on his own without help and needed help to sit down. 10 years ago he was a drug addict and around 8 years ago began to notice he was having a nerve problem connected to brain damage from drug use. His coordination between brain signals of thinking and walking was damaged. We began to pray asking God for healing. He said he felt nothing, but I encouraged him to try standing up on his own without help. To his surprise, he was able to stand without anyone helping. Faith was present, so I then encouraged him to try walking. He was willing to try and began to walk on His own without help. He continued to walk and Alun captured on video.&nbsp

– 9/10/11 Tanya Kosareff, Admin Management


Woman with metal in her back from a fall from the sixth floor. She had injuries to her shoulder and back. She had ministry the previous evening without much immediate results. Now she could bend over and touch the floor and twist and turn freely. I prayed for some pain in her legs connected to the back injury. It was healed.

– 9/11/11 Ed Bortle, Cabinetmaker


Statistics—Over services on nine nights at 4 churches with 6575+ in attendance, we had:

  • Salvations 224 
  • Rededications 16 
  • Called into ministry 71 
  • Blasted 695 
  • Emotional Healings and Deliverances 477
  • Sovereign Healings 951
  • Physical Healings 910
    • Blind Seeing 23
    • Deaf Ears Opened 15
    • Lame Walking 10
    • Tumors Gone 10
    • Metal Disappeared 11