Sept 9, 2009 – dhallcom 

I pray for God’s Kingdom to come through me on earth as it is in heaven. This is a passion I have and a desire that has consumed me for many years—it even consumed me before I really understood how it worked or what it meant. God birthed it in me before I was born—it is a part of my destiny—I must proclaim it, I must focus all my devotion toward it. I must search out within the Body of Christ those who are moving in this function and learn from them. I must visit their ministry and receive impartation so I can cut down on the time it takes me to become conformed to the image of Jesus.


On the other hand, I notice that people are drawn to me—ungodly people—people with worldly thoughts, foul mouths, and stinking thinking. I find that these people come around, and are stealing my time, time that I need to perform my job, time that I need to prepare for the things that I am responsible for. I don’t like it when these people come around cursing God in their conversation with me. It’s rude and obnoxious, and most of all it steals my free time at lunch—sometimes this is the only time I can retreat away and spend time with God throughout my day. I need this time to realign myself to His purpose and focus on those things which are important. I need to set my mind on things above, and not on the earth, I feel the compulsion to pray against them and take authority over those situations. I need to maintain peace in order to effectively serve God.


Thus the conflict of the ministry of the Kingdom of God is realized. The stage is set, how will we move this mountain?


We see many times in scripture where Jesus got alone with the Father early in the morning, he made sure his communication took place before he encountered other people. He did not allow anything else to get in the way of his marching orders for the day. It may have been in those early morning communions with the Father that he “saw what the Father was doing,” or “heard what the Father was saying.” Perhaps he got visions of the people he would encounter, and to which ones ministry was to be directed.


Take for instance the man who had been by the pool of Siloam for 38 years. There were others there too; he must have only seen the Father healing this man, although when people came to him, many times scripture tells us “He healed them all.”


There is something about us coming to him. There is something about a hungry heart, a passion to know him and spend our quality time with him. There is something about how our true devotion draws his presence into our situations, how his peace overtakes us and spreads out to others we encounter. We can’t spend long amounts of time in his presence without it getting on us, without it infecting every part of us. Soon people will sense it—the world may not know what it is—but they like how it feels. Just like we like how it feels when the glory of the Lord, His manifest presence comes into our meetings. There is no greater feeling—it is what we all, in our ignorance searched for in greed, sex, drugs and alcohol, all the things that are abused in the pursuit of pleasure—before we knew it was only God’s presence that filled that passion for pleasure within us.


There is no ministry that you can perform, no amount of giving that you can give, no acts of kindness or charity that you can do to replace the need for being in his presence. The effectiveness of your life in the Kingdom depends solely on this one thing—getting alone in his presence. Why do you think the kingdom of darkness has so boosted the entertainment industry? Why is there noise everywhere you go, a cell phone or ipod in most every ear, a radio playing in most every car, a tv on in most every home—I can’t even sit on hold on the phone without the sound of someone else’s song or advertisement invading my hearing?


If you want to fulfill your purpose in the Kingdom by first being conformed to the image of Jesus, then you must turn off some noise and allow the power of His presence to invade your day, we must hear His voice. There is no replacement for set apart, quiet time without any music, other voices or distractions. Sure it is hard, but name one life-changing thing that is easy. Did the last Olympic champion have an easy path to victory, or did they workout while others were sleeping, did they fail and get back up thousands of time, did they defy all odds and negative words against the possibility of being the best in the world in their event?


What is most important to you in this life, is it to be famous, to be wealthy, to have an honorable status in this world’s system, or is it to become what God created you to be, to find the satisfaction that only fulfilling the purpose for which you were created to become can bring? You know it really doesn’t matter what the rest of us think or see in you, the harsh truth is that Jesus—the one who will judge us for how we lived during this age of choice, and give us our position in the next two phases of earth—sees everything we do, hears every word we speak, every thought we think and sees the intention of our heart. The books are being written, and those things that are written about us in eternity must become most important to us. Only you can decide for yourself, how will you handle the conflict?