A place of agreement is a place of power; corporate prayers, corporate anointing and prayers flowing together in unison are forces to be reckoned with. It is important to recognize that the concept of partnering is not a man-made idea, but a powerful ordinance of God intended to bring increased favor, blessings and rewards.

Paul told his partners that they were an integral part of his ministry team, brought together by God for a divine purpose to bless and anoint. While you may not be able to go everywhere that Global Awakening goes, you can share in the joy and heavenly reward of changed lives through this ministry. Whether on the front lines of battle or connecting our vision through your partnership, together we share the rewards and blessings.

When someone expresses an interest in sharing Global Awakening’s passion for ministry, it is not only exciting, but also a great honor. The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening is committed to the faithful stewardship of the funds entrusted to us by our partners. We seek to conduct our activities with the highest standards and integrity. The supernatural work of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of power evangelism in fulfilling the Great Commission. Our partner base is made up men and women who support the mandate of lighting fires, casting visions and building bridges to the nations by equipping Global Awakening through financial contributions and prayers.