photo of man who was miraculously healed of paralysis, holding up his leg brace

2019 Year In Review: God’s Miraculous Work On Display

When I think back over 2019, the first word that comes to mind is, “wow.” You can’t help but feel wonder, awe, and thankfulness at the ways of God. He has been so faithful to His people, and it’s one of my life’s greatest pleasures to see Him work in and through believers around the world. Below I’m posting some of my favorite testimonies from this year, along with some powerful statistics of how God has been moving through salvation, physical healing, emotional healing, and more.

Arthritis and more healed at There Is More in Alabama

Irritable Bowel Syndrome healed at School of Healing & Impartation in California

Degenerative Back Disease healed at School of Healing & Impartation in California

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Kingdom Expansion Near & Far

As you can see above, God is moving across the United States, but that’s not all! We’re seeing God move all around the world, and it’s a great honor to play a part in God’s work of advancing His kingdom. Below is a map showing all the countries that Global Awakening has touched in 2019. I stand in awe of how many places we’ve been able to touch. The dark blue areas on the map are the countries we have ministered in.

map of areas Global Awakening has ministered in 2019
Foot healed in Brazil

One of the many, many testimonies we see on our international travels, this lady’s foot was sovereignly healed when she entered the meeting.

Kingdom Statistics

I love numbers, and all year long we collect statistics of what God is doing through our ministry. As I look over these statistics from 2019, I am profoundly grateful for God’s power and for our donors and Partners who fund this work. If you are giving to Global Awakening, thank you! Look below to see the fruit of your donations. It’s truly amazing, and if you’re not yet a Partner with us, I would encourage you to pray about joining up. You can be part of how God is advancing His kingdom through us.

International Trip Numbers

  • Number of team members that traveled on trips with us this year: 537
  • Number of Healings: 15,444
  • Number of People “blasted” by the Holy Spirit: 6,295
  • Number of Salvations & Rededications: 623

Global School Student Outreach Numbers

  • Salvations: 366
  • Inner Healings and Deliverances: 977
  • Physical Healings: 898

Higher Education

Did you know that God is opening doors for us in higher education? It’s exciting to see new things happening, and in our master’s and doctoral programs, we’re seeing God’s favor at work.

  • In 2019 we had our first ever Global Awakening Theological Seminary graduation. 11 Students graduated with accredited Masters degrees.
  • We currently have 112 students enrolled in this accredited M.Div. program.
  • We currently have 26 students in the accredited Doctor of Ministry program.
  • We have now graduated 70 students from the Doctoral program! These are 70 people with accredited doctoral degrees, full of the power of the Spirit and equipped with a world-class theological foundation. This is truly exciting.
  • This means a total of 96 people who have been in Randy Clark Scholars, our accredited Doctoral program.

How do we do it?

It’s the power of God. It’s the full Gospel. Jesus bore more than our sins when He hung on the cross. He also bore our infirmities. He carried the curse on His shoulders and He purchased a new and better covenant for His people and for the earth. He is making all things new, and He introduced the Age to Come into our current age. This is the Kingdom, advancing now, every day, all around the world. It’s our pleasure and our responsibility as His people to co-labor with Him to advance His kingdom, calling all people back home to their Creator, and releasing His healing to everyone.

What’s your part to play? This is the question we all must ask of God. What is He calling you to do today? What’s your unique gift?

One thing we get asked at this time of year is how people can put their year-end giving to a greater Kingdom use. To be sure, there are many great charities and ministries to which you can give, but if you have read this blog article and feel yourself stirred by the Holy Spirit, perhaps God would call you to partner with us. I so believe in what God is doing through us that I have no problem offering the opportunity to you to join up. Our donors (both one-time gift givers and ongoing Partners) are literally funding the next great global awakening. If you want to link arms with us as we go, visit to learn about how to give a one-time gift or to give monthly. May you be blessed as you give, and may God multiply the effectiveness of your donation to bring many to repentance and to healing.

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One More Thing…

William Wood, one of our associates (and one of my spiritual sons) recently held a conference in Ephrata, PA named Relentless. During this conference, a man named Bryan was powerfully healed of paralysis. Below is a photo of him the day after the conference, back home, testifying of how God healed him. This is why we do what we do, and it’s a fitting way to cap off this 2019 year in review.

healed of paralysis, man holds up his brace
“I will break the yoke from their necks and snap their chains…”—Jeremiah 30:8
bryan was healed of paralysis. Here he smiles as he looks at his old leg brace.
This is what redemption looks like. God turns all things around for our good.

Truly our God is good, He is powerful, and He is active. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

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