30 Years of Knee Pain Gone After Prayer & A Step of Faith

I had an ACL reconstruction in the left knee and have been forbidden to run on it or use a tread mill for over thirty years. I had osteoarthritis in the right knee with grinding over the patella.

Moving from sitting to standing brought much pain and even the slightest pivoting brought excruciating pain. Steps had been very painful for the last year and a half. Since the symptoms came and went, throbbing, stabbing, etc., I asked the Lord how I would know I was healed. He said, “Run!” That day some people prayed for my knees and asked how much better I was. I said it didn’t matter because I knew I was to run. Actually my knees felt no different. At home I did not have the courage to run around my dining room by myself. I asked the person who prayed for me to give me coverage by running with me. Holding her hand I began to run. I knew I had to go faster and faster. She later told me that I was dragging her! I felt no pain in either knee! Later that evening in church I pivoted widely without pain and jumped and knelt, all the things I could not do or even think of doing. When I arrived at the hotel, I noticed there was no heat or swelling in either knee. The Lord had healed them! Alleluia!

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