5-Step Prayer Without an Interpreter

As a female walked up to me at the Four Square Gospel Church, I immediately looked for an interpreter but could not locate anyone to assist me. Rather than turning her away, I started using hand gestures to communicate. I learned her name was Eliza. After pointing to her arms, legs, head and back, Eliza realized I was asking where she needed prayer for. She pointed up and down the left side of her neck. I made a fist to indicate “0” and spread my fingers out to indicate “10.” Eliza used her fingers to indicate 8. I took that as the pain level 8. I used command prayers as I prayed for healing to Eliza’s neck pain. Using command prayers, I commanded in Jesus’ name for all pain to leave her neck. I commanded her neck muscles, nerves and blood vessels to return to normal and to be healed. While praying, I placed my left hand alongside Eliza’s neck, and I could feel heat as I prayed. When I finished, I used my fingers again, and she indicated 5 with her fingers. While praying with my eyes open, I saw an interpreter (Beatriz) walking by so I asked if she could assist me. With Beatriz’s assistance, I learned Eliza had this neck pain for about a month. I also noticed Eliza had a surgical scar along the base of her neck. I learned that Eliza had surgery to remove cancer. I asked if this surgery was related to her neck pain. She said she did not believe it did. I asked Eliza if she had any unforgiveness issues with anyone. She said no. I asked if she had forgiveness issues with herself. Eliza said she did harbor unforgiveness towards herself. I led Eliza in prayer to break the unforgiveness and guilt spirit within her. I then prayed healing a second time and asked her to check out her neck. Eliza said her neck felt much better, but the pain was now about 2. I prayed a third time to finish what the Holy Spirit had started. Eliza told me that her neck pain was completely gone.  God is So Good. Thank You, Lord.       – Takafumi, Retired

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