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80-year-old Woman’s Knees Healed. Will Dance for the Lord!

Bernice, who was approximately 80 years old, complained of swelling in both knees for seven months. She believed it was arthritis. As I prayed for her, songs of joy were coming to me.

I softly sang as I prayed for her knees. She felt His presence and heat. The swelling was gone. She could now bend up and down easily. As we were thanking God I could see her (in my mind) dancing in her home…with joy. I told her what I saw…her dancing in her home with joy. When I told her this, she began to weep. She said that she always loved to dance but had not been able to do so now because of her knees. So now, this 80 year lady said, “I’m sure I will be dancing for God. I felt silly saying it to this elderly woman…but God knew. – Carol
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