92 Year Old Healed and Saved

When the ministry team had time in a shopping mall, we saw a mid-aged woman who fit the description of our collaborative words of knowledge, which were black hair and red bag. After my teammate Deborah spoke to the lady, she found out it was her 92 year old mom sitting beside her who had an ankle surgery recently which had caused different length of two legs. Deborah called me over to pray for this 92 year old lady for healing. I had just prayed for someone in Vancouver before my trip who had the same problem and got healed, so I felt confident that God would do the same again and heal this old lady! With translator’s help, I got permission to hold the lady’s legs and laid them on my thigh. Then I commanded the shorter leg to grow to the same length as the other leg in Jesus’s name. After a few minutes, the shorter leg grew out in front my eyes to the same length as the other leg!! My teammate was then able to lead this 92 year old lady to Christ!!!! God is amazing!!! Glory to the Lord!! -Amy, Banker

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