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A Call for repentance leads to Salvation

During the evening service at ICC Nairobi, Richie gave a call for those who wanted to repent. A young woman came up and stood before me and I held her hands while he talked to the group about the need for repentance and what needed to be done after repenting. When he was done he told us to pray for those coming forward. I took the young woman’s hands and asked her what she needed. She immediately fell to the floor. I made sure she was all covered and set, and then went on to the next person in line. Another team member came to me and said to be sure to talk to her because he felt that Satan had caused her to fall so she wouldn’t do what she came forward for. I paid attention to her, praying for others while I watched. When she seemed to be rousing I sat down on the floor and asked her what she needed prayer for. She immediately said salvation. She told me she had been a member of the church for many years, being baptized and discipled there, but had never been really saved. We walked through prayers of repentance and salvation.

Cheryl M, Home Health Aide

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