A Church Touched by God’s Love and Blessing

A small team of Chris, Sherry and myself got the awesome privilege to minister in a small township church in Johannesburg. I was so excited to be speaking at this church. We met the Pastor and what I felt to share is what he spoke about the church needing to hear. Both Chris and Sherry gave an encouraging word for the church. After preaching the word, we felt to release God’s love and blessing. The church members started to fall out under the power of the Holy Spirit, the team then went through the congregation blessing them. The Pastor gathered people for prayer for healing. As I was going down the line praying for people, I saw 3 shoulders healed and an elderly lady had her hearing significantly improve in one ear. A young girl came for prayer for her tummy bug. After I prayed she said it felt better. The team also saw back pain healed and many more healings and deliverances. After the service, the Pastor shared how encouraged he was and moved by God’s love poured out on them.

Sonya L, Pastor

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