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A Healed Heart, A New Heart

We were asked to give words of knowledge. I had nothing, but asked God if He had something. I immediately saw over the crowd, a picture of a heart with something coming off the top right and knew it was a “heart valve irregularity.”  I gave the word and had 3 people respond. As I prayed for the first one, he said his heart was getting better and he felt something throughout his body – it sounded like maybe he was trying to describe “tingling” though the interpreter didn’t quite have the word. After praying twice, the man then said he was having difficulty breathing. I commanded that to go and his breathing improved. He said his heart was 100% better. The third person that responded to this word of knowledge said he had a lot of stress in his life that was causing his heart issues. After praying, he felt peace. The next night, I saw a man sitting on the edge of the platform looking joyful and went to ask him if I could pray for God to give him even more joy. He started telling me something and motioned to an interpreter. He explained that he was the one I had prayed with the night before that had been having stress (I hadn’t recognized him).  He said that last night God had given him a new heart. Jesus had come and cleared a bunch of junk out of his heart, and he said it was brand new. He was beaming with tears in his eyes. He asked if I would pray for his new heart to stay, and after simple instruction from scripture, I prayed over him again. -Chaelee, Homemaker

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