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A Hotel’s Chef Healed After Years of Pain

Sunday evening was a rousing time of worship and prayer lasting late into the night. We arrived at our hotel very late; the restaurant was closing up but agreed to serve us. Once we started eating the evening manager from the night before approached us asking for prayer. Several of the team members started praying with and for him. The manager asked if the team would pray for the staff as they came out one by one and we did. I spotted the chef out of the corner of my eye walking up with a noticeable limp hanging back a little. I got up and went to him. He said he had been hurt in an accident 4 years earlier and could not bend his leg at the knee. I asked if he could show me how much it would move and he moved it a couple of inches. I then knelt down next him and placed my hands on his knee, saying a prayer of “God Heal him”. He immediately knew something happened and showed me he had regained full movement of his knee and leg. Thank you Jesus! Several team members came over and asked what was going on and he showed everyone over and over how he had been restored.

John P, Self Employed

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