A Man’s Body is Healed After Giving Burdens to Jesus

The red team was at Igreja Familia Guama. Randy dismissed the team to go and pray for people. Myself and five others were sent into the balcony to pray. A man named Sebastian, who was 46 years old, came up and asked for prayer regarding his mom. His mother was not there. During the interview we found out that she had scoliosis. After we prayed for his mother, Sebastian said he also suffered from severe pain in his neck, chest, and the back of his shoulders. The pain had been going on for at least six months. We asked for permission to place our hands on his neck. We prayed a couple times and nothing was happening. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to ask if he had any shame or guilt regarding family members. He started to cry saying that he felt responsible for what happened to his mom. After a second brief interview he told us that he also felt responsible for his wife and kids. When he finished telling us this, we prayed again. I felt compelled to tell him to close his eyes, go to the foot of the cross and drop all the baggage that he was carrying. This time we could see him physically relax and breathe. He opened his eyes and said “I am 100% !” He said he felt his muscles go from incredibly tense to looser than they have ever been!

Lauren, Student

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