A Powerful Encounter

I noticed a young man in the aisle who wasn’t manifesting but seemed to have a desperation about him for more of God. As I approached him, I saw Raphael, the bass player from the band passing by and indicated that I needed someone to be there to catch him if he started to fall while I prayed. As I started to pray for the young man he began to crumple over and cry out like a woman in labor. He eventually went to the floor and was curled up in a fetal position as the power of God touched him. Raphael, myself, and two others prayed for him. I asked God for more anointing, more power, and an increase in the spiritual gifts in his life. I also prayed for an impartation of evangelism and prophetic gifting. For a few minutes he was powerfully touched by God, then it started to lift. As the manifestations quieted, I told the others praying that the Holy Spirit was going to touch him in a 2nd and 3rd wave of power. I encouraged the young man to ask God for more and prayed that God would strengthen his physical body. As we began praying again for more of God’s power and presence, a 2nd wave of the Holy Spirit came and touched him. During a sovereign encounter like this God’s spirit can come in waves to allow the person’s physical body to recover a little due to the intensity of the encounter. We prayed again for more of God’s anointing, power, and spiritual gifts to be activated in his life. After a slight lifting of Holy Spirit’s presence, a 3rd wave of power hit him with similar manifestations while we prayed. Tom, one of our team members, saw a goblet (cup) tattooed on the palm of his hand and told him that God was pouring His love into Him. The young man then experienced a vision of himself walking on water with Jesus. The group prayed some more. He said his hands felt like they were burning. He then felt a spiritual arm around his shoulders embracing him as he lay on the floor. After this dramatic touch, the group prayed blessings on him and his life. He was soaking wet from sweat and felt exhausted and weak. For about 20 minutes he was truly blessed with an unexpected power encounter from God. -Mike, Engineer

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