A Presence of Angels

We (Hansie and Henriette) were praying for people at the front of the stage. God was healing every person as we prayed, and we were really in high spirits. A lady came to us and asked us to pray for her to receive a liver transplant. We laid hands on her and she immediately confirmed that God had touched her, and she felt a burning sensation in her body. We praised God and proceeded to the next guy. He was experiencing continuous nose bleeds. As we prayed for him, someone tapped me on my left shoulder. I looked back to see who it was. Henriette looked around with wide eyes and asked whether I could feel the wind. I did feel wind and realized it must be an angel making us aware of his presence. God immediately touched the nosebleed. Someone tapped me from behind again, this time from the right. I turned around, but there was no one near us. Henriette and I were having even more fun after this. We witnessed 100% success as we prayed for people. It really touched us that God would send angels as we pray for people as a husband and wife. -Hansie, Electrical Contractor

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