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A Run of Faith Brings Healing

A young gal could not run. When she tried she had pain behind her knee caps. I laid hands in the front and the back of her left knee, but I felt nothing. When I prayed for her right knee it began to make little clicking movements. She said she felt nothing. 

She was very still and when I prayed again it did the same thing. When I stopped praying, I asked her if she was ready to run. Her face said “no way”! I told her that Jesus said to take up your bed and walk. She had to do something to receive her healing. When I said I would be silly with her, she finally agreed to running. We ran to the back of the church and waited for our translator. The gal was smiling. She said her right knee felt so much better and that her knees felt different to her. I had her pray for the right knee and I prayed for the left knee which started the clicking movement. I told her what happening. When clicking stopped, we held hands and ran to the front of the church. She was smiling even more. She had no pain but didn’t feel strong yet. I told her to keep running because God was going to continue the healing and strengthening each time she ran.
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