A Teammates Throat Gets Healed

At the end of the evening, God in His goodness had a team member (Alice) come up to me to ask for prayer.  She said she had a pain on the left of her throat that she felt was soon to prevent her from speaking.  I placed my hand on the left side of her throat.  I commanded the pain to leave in Jesus name.  I spoke to the throat to come back to the design of heaven, and for all throat tissue to be healed.

I noted her neck on that left side was warm — warmer than the right side of her neck.  She said she felt a burning sensation go down from her left sinus area down to where the pain was in her throat.  She said she was at least 90% better.  The next day she confirmed that within a few more minutes the pain was all gone, and still gone that next day.  Praise Jesus!

Jody, Retired

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