A Woman’s Countenance Completely Changes After Prayer and Encouragement

In the village of Namanhumbir, the Global Awakening mission team went door to door praying for the sick and sharing Christ. At one home we met a woman about 55 years old who had suffered severe debilitating pain for four years ever since she had been pushed at a party while dancing. Because of the accident, on shaky legs, she was able to stand for short periods of time to sweep her porch, but she was no longer able to venture out to the market or to work. She did not smile or make eye contact with the team members, but she gave a small nod “yes” to accept being prayed for. The team began to pray. A member of the Iris staff checked the length of the left leg and identified that because of the accident, her left leg was shorter. After about two minutes of prayer, asking God to strengthen the leg, the leg appeared to have grown, and we asked her to try to stand. She reluctantly tried and found she could stand.

She took about 20 steps and stopped. An 11 year old felt in her spirit that the woman had visited a witch doctor and needed to be released. The woman admitted that she had visited the witch doctor for relief. After announcing her connection with the occult and recommitting herself to serve Christ only, she regained feeling in her legs and was able to lift her leg. The team led her in a prayer forgiving the man who had pushed her, causing her injuries. She walked again with more strength. A team member, TJ, had a word of knowledge that she was afraid that after the team left, her healing would disappear. We assured her of Christ’s enduring presence and renounced the spirit of fear. She felt warmth in her lower back and the back pain left entirely. She was able to feel her legs for the first time in four years and walk without shaking in pain. Her countenance brightened and she was so grateful.


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