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A Woman’s Vision Restored by the Power of Prayer

A woman likely in her 60’s came forward asking for prayer for her right eye during ministry time in Kitengala.  She had very little vision left and had been told by the doctor that there was a hole in her eye that needed surgery.  She did not have the money, but without surgery, the doctor told her she would be blind in a month. I laid hands over her eye and commanded it to be restored. I commanded the muscles, retina, and all the parts of the eye to be healed in the name of Jesus then asked her to try it out.  She didn’t see any change so I prayed for her healing once again, praying in tongues and asking the Holy Spirit to come. After a few minutes, I asked her again if she sensed a change. This time she tested looking through one eye and saw improvement. So I continued praying, blessing the work that the Spirit was doing and asking Jesus to heal her eye completely.  After this she said she was seeing almost perfectly. Another team member and I then prayed for her, blessing her in Jesus name and she sank to the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit. Afterwards, I sought her out again to confirm her healing and she tested her vision again and said that it was nearly perfect. Her testimony was shared on Sunday morning during the service at ICC Kitengala.

Lauri, IT Director

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