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Afflicting Spirit Flees and Woman’s Knee Pain is Healed

I prayed for a lady named Anavira tonight who had really bad pain in her knee. She said the pain started two years ago right after her husband died. She attributed the cause as a connection to her husband’s death.

I invited the Holy Spirit to come in His healing power. I then told her we would wait on the Holy Spirit and asked her to tell me if she felt something. After about thirty seconds, I asked her if anything was happening and she said her knee was starting to feel better. I blessed what the Holy Spirit was doing and invited Him to increase. I then felt like I had a word of knowledge for an afflicting spirit. I commanded any afflicting spirit to leave in Jesus’ name. She then immediately told me all the pain was gone! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus! I encouraged her to thank Jesus for her healing and we praised the Lord together.

Brendyn, City Planner

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