After 15 Year, Deaf Ears Hear

My name is Helga and I wanted to share a testimony that happened on the very last evening when we were ministering to the sick in the Brazilian church. One of our translators approached me and asked if I could come and pray for an older lady as she can’t come to the stage. When I got to the lady, she sat on the chair and was accompanied by her son. The son explained that his mum had been deaf for about 15 years and asked if I could pray for her so that she can get healed. I asked the son if I had permission to place my fingers in his mum’s ears and both agreed. I started praying in the name of Jesus that both ears would open. At first I felt a lot of heat on the left ear but nothing on the right. Then I asked the translator if he could ask the lady via her son if she felt something. Suddenly, the lady said I can hear a little bit on my left ear but nothing on my right. After that I continued praying and commanded the spirit of deafness to go, and suddenly I could feel some popping on the left ear and the woman said she can hear very well on the left side. I continued praying and asked the Holy Spirit to come and asked in the name of Jesus for the right ear to open as well. A few seconds later I could also feel something to pop open on the right ear and at the same time the elderly lady started to have some tears in her eyes and said that she can hear on both ears now. After that she gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek and praised God for the healing. Praise God as there is nothing impossible for him.      –Helga, Nurse

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