After 20 Years in Wheelchair, Man Walks with Assistance

A man named Paulo was in a wheelchair during the impartation service. I saw a few team members laying hands on him and went join them, inquiring if he wanted healing or filling of the Spirit.

They said healing. He had been unable to walk for twenty years and had significant pain his knees up his leg. (The pain in one knee was from surgery.) In addition, he had pain in his lower back and had a few destroyed discs. I first commanded his knee pain to leave and rebuked the scar tissue. I asked for new knees. We had him move his leg and the pain was 70 percent gone. We continued to bless what the Lord was doing. I then commanded the pain in his side and hip to leave asked for new discs and new back. He tried to get up and found he could stand with a chair to stabilize him. All the pain had left him. However he was not aligned and had a longer leg. We sat him down and found out he had metal in the shorter leg. I prayed for metal to dissolve, put my hand on his lower back, commanded alignment and commanded the leg to grow. As we laid our hands on his shorter leg it began to grow out until it was even with the other leg. Then we sent someone to grab his crutches as his muscles were quite weak from so many years without use. He then could walk on his crutches without any pain! Praise Jesus!

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