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After 30 Years Back & Sciatic Pain Leave!

Milton, a 56-year-old man told me he had suffered from back pain for 30 years. He had two back surgeries during that time. The last one was seven years ago. He still had residual pain and sciatic pain that would return from time to time.

 I commanded the back to be a new back in Jesus’ name. I commanded his skeletal, muscular, and neurological systems to work in perfect unity of purpose as designed to function in Jesus’ name. The pain left where it was and moved to the middle of the back. I prayed again that the spirit of pain and the spirit of inflammation must leave in Jesus’ name and not return. Milton felt the pain travel down his right leg and leave. There was an astonished look on his face at first. I reminded him to “Praise Jesus!” Milton left a very happy man, freed from pain which he had struggled with for so many years. – Stephanie 

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