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After 6 Years of Pain, Hips & Knees Healed!

Carla was seated and needed prayer for her knees and hips. She was using crutches. She had had an accident and injured her knees. The subsequent surgery made things worse. Now her hips were damaged causing pain . She had not been able to walk normally for 6 years. 

I prayed and nothing happened. I prayed again. Still nothing happened. I started to interview her for a cause. During the interview she revealed her parents were lead Macumba priests and she was to be the next one. The knee injury  took place after she attended a church. I led her to renounce and nullify all agreements made with Macumba and nail them to the cross. She did so for herself, but when she attempted to do it for her parents she began choking and started to demonically manifest. With much effort, we were able to bind the evil spirit, elicit Carla’s co-operation, complete the cancellations, deliver Carla and pray for more of the Holy Spirit. After 30 minutes of resistance, the spirit was cast out. We then prayed for her healing. In three steps she was able to receive healing for her knees, then her hips and finally to throw out the crutches. She was totally healed, delivered and happy. 

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