Global Awakening

All Pain Goes Bringing Healing of Multiple Issues

An older woman came up for prayer. She had breast cancer and had her right breast removed. Her right arm hurt from the surgery. She felt heaviness and had a limited range of motion.

 She also had some intestinal problems that caused her to have diarrhea. We prayed for these things and she said she felt that her arm was almost well but still heavy and that she felt power in her stomach. We continued to pray for her arm and it got better. So the interpreter asked if she had any more pain and she said, “Oh yes. I have pain all over, but I am only telling you about the ones that really hurt.” She then told us about her right heel. We prayed that her heel would be healed and that all pain would leave her body. The pain in her foot got a bit better. We prayed again and ALL pain left her body! We prayed a closing prayer and she was crying. She then left.

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