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An Athlete’s Knee is Healed

There was a young man who wanted prayer for his right knee.  He plays soccer and had injured it 4 years ago. The doctor had wanted to do surgery then, but the man refused. He had injured it again and was scheduled for surgery next week. It sounded like the knee was popping out of place. I began to pray, “Come Holy Spirit.”  Then, “Jesus, I ask You to come with Your healing power…” At that point the man wobbled and fell forward onto his face for quite a while. I noticed some slight trembling. When he finally got up, he said the pain was all gone! I asked him to do something he couldn’t do before and he could move it from side to side. He said it was firm inside like the other knee.  We told him to still go to the doctor and check it, then let his pastor know what the doctor said. -Chaelee, Homemaker

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