Arm Mobility Regained

I received a word of knowledge for someone who had pain and limited mobility in their wrist and arm. A man named Paulito came forward who recently had a stroke. He had some speech impairment and numbness and slight paralysis on his right arm. He couldn’t lift his arm very high. Before beginning prayer, I asked him if there was anyone or even himself that he should forgive. He said there was no one. I prayed for him using command-type prayers. First I thanked Jesus that He is Jehovah Rapha, and I asked Him to release His healing power into the arm, wrist and hands of Paulito. I commanded the numbness and paralysis in his arm to leave in the name of Jesus. I commanded all nerves in his arm to be restored, for all sensations and feelings to return to his arm, for flexibility and mobility to come into his arm in Jesus’ name. Also for all the muscles, tendons, ligaments in his arm, wrist and hand to be strengthened. I prayed for him 3 times, and after each time I asked him to test his arm and try to lift it up. He was able to raise his arm higher after each prayer. His healing rose to past 80% and he was able to raise his arm high. I prayed for him to be filled with the love of Jesus. We gave thanks and praises to God for his healing. His eyes were filled with tears, but they were tears of joy. Praise the Lord!       – Cheryl, Retired

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