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Asthma, Bone Disease & Hip Fracture Healed

A woman came to the early service which was for more serious conditions. She had asthma, a bone disease which prevented her bones from growing normally and a hip fracture that occurred when she fell out of a chair. She had not walked for five years.

A team member, who had received healing for asthma the night before, prayed for her asthma.  The woman reported that she believed her asthma was healed.  We began praying for her bones.  She pulled out her phone and showed us photos of the x-rays which revealed the hip fracture as well as the asymmetry in her bone size.  We prayed for a while.  My husband remembered my own testimony with an injury. He asked me to have the woman ask Jesus to give her a different image of her body than the one she was looking at on her phone.  After she spent time with the Lord resting in His presence, she took her phone and deleted the x-ray. 
We proceeded to pray some more but then the service was about to begin.  She said she was ready to wrap up the prayer time and resume after the service; however, she looked straight at me and wanted to know if I had anything else to say.  I did but was going to wait until after the service. In response to her question I asked if there was anyone she needed to forgive.  She smiled and knew right away that she needed to pray.  We did not get back to pray for her more after the service but she walking by the end of the night.   
She returned the next night to a service at one of the church plants.  We prayed more for her and she heard the Lord say, “I will complete your healing when you release all your responsibilities and burdens to me.”  She forgave her parents for some issues related to her condition and left feeling loved and hope filled that she would see the completion of her healing. – Lisa Pinkham
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