Australia Trip Report

On February 16, a nine-member team met in Brisbane, Australia. All team members came from different parts of Australia, except one, who was an American missionary coming from Kenya. All team members were from various walks of life but were knit together by God’s love and the desire to grow in their experience of being used to do the works of Jesus. The team would be sharing God’s love on the streets as well as visiting several Brisbane area churches while serving the speakers Tom Jones, Charity Cook and Paul Martini in their conferences.

The week started out with the Presence Conference at Riverlife Baptist Church. The focus of the conference was on the importance of going after God’s presence and walking in it. The team shared words of knowledge and prayed for healing as well as prayed for impartation according to the speakers’ sessions. Many people were healed physically and emotionally as well as many encountering the powerful touch of the Holy Spirit. One of the healings that took place was a girl who hadn’t been able to run for two years due to problems with her ankles. After several prayers, the young girl ran through the auditorium with a big smile on her face, totally healed. The team was also privileged to pray for impartation and to prophesy over the Riverlife staff and ministry team.

Monday, we enjoyed team building activities by visiting the beautiful Burleigh Heads Beach where we shopped, enjoyed a lunch overlooking the ocean, and walked along the shore. We also enjoyed a stop at Yatala Pies, so that the American among us could try authentic Australian food. Monday evening, we attended an event called Worship Under the Stars, where leaders from the area churches gathered together for a night of worship and to be ministered to. The team prayed for people’s needs, prophesied over those in attendance, and saw healings and people touched and refreshed by the Holy Spirit. One of the most significant healings on this night was a lady who had been suffering from 26 years of eye problems. She was totally healed and was then able to release healing to a team member for her eye problems. This was special as this woman had never been used in healing before. What a life changing moment for us as well as her!

Tuesday, the team spent time praying for the week of ministry and prayed and ministered to each other. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong and team members were touched as they received prophetic words and touches from the Holy Spirit. We then went out to share God’s love with those we would meet on the streets in the main part of the city. This got us out of our comfort zones and was encouraging when words of knowledge were found to be correct. God loves people and it encouraged us to connect with people as we were led by the Holy Spirit. In the evening, we enjoyed a wonderful appreciation dinner with the leaders.

Wednesday and Thursday were full days of ministry as we spent them ministering at the Awaken Conference at Hope Community Church. The first part of the conference was a Leaders Advance. We spent time ministering to the church leaders and refreshing them as well as imparting to them. Many were powerfully touched. During the remaining part of the conference, we saw many healings. A child with autism was healed, arthritis was healed, legs grew out, back problems were healed as well as other conditions. One elderly woman had congenital lymphedema in both legs for over 20 years resulting in water retention, pain, swelling, and discomfort. She could not stand for more than a minute nor walk without help. As team members released healing, almost at once, a marked reduction in the leg swelling was seen. Wrinkles started to appear on her legs because of the loose skin. Where once there was no form, shape started to take place and her knees appeared. It was amazing to watch her, and her husband leave hand in hand for the dinner break without the wife’s cane. They were so happy at what God was doing. People attending the conference were activated in receiving and giving words of knowledge and in the five-step prayer model. It was so special to see people step out in faith giving their first word of knowledge and it be accurate. Others were healed through those words of knowledge and the church was built up in spiritual gifts. Later we had powerful times of ministry where people were transformed by receiving the Shalom of God and impartation for fruitful ministry. Many also received emotional deliverances and healings.

Friday, the team spent more time in prayer and worship and then went to Inala, a poor area of the city, for outreach on the streets. Team members shared God’s love and prayed with those that God led us to. Many seeds were planted, and people touched and encouraged. In the evening, we headed to Glory City church for our last night of ministry. The atmosphere was charged with expectation from those in attendance, and eight people were healed just during the preaching portion of the service without any prayer. That night many more were healed through prayer and many received powerful touches during the impartation part of the service. A child was healed from autism, back problems were healed, legs grew out, and on and on Jesus did his amazing work.

The team departed on Saturday, different from when they came the previous Saturday. They had encountered God and experienced God using them to touch others. Going back to their homes and communities, they began sharing and releasing what God had done on the trip. The team members have seen fruit in just the few short days of being home by seeing others touched by the Holy Spirit and healed. We are eternally grateful for the things God did in each of our lives and for the impartations that the leaders released to us. Thank you, Jesus!

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