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Baby Miraculously Healed as Mass in Stomach Disappears!

We were walking through the village when a woman sitting in the dirt with a crumple little body in her lap started yelling to us. The Mozambique translator with us said she was begging for prayer for the child in her lap. 

We went over and found out the baby was very sick and had a mass in her stomach. She was crying and clearly in a lot of pain. We laid our hands on her belly and started praying for healing. We pray that the mass in her belly would dissolve, disappear and for complete healing in Jesus’ name. As we prayed she stopped crying and her eyes got very big! Her stomach got smaller before our eyes. Since she was so little we couldn’t ask her the pain level at the end. We just continued to pray and bless her. By the end she was playing and crawling around. No tears! – Elise, Missionary

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