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Back, Hip, Leg and Foot Pain Totally Healed!

An elderly woman about 70 presented herself with pain in the right lower back, hip, and entire leg into the foot. She had had back surgery 2 ½ years ago and had been in pain since. 

The pain was about a 9 with very limited motion either bending or turning. I asked to put one hand on her heart and the other on her lower back/hip area. I invited Holy Spirit to come and waited a few seconds. I commanded all pain from the lower back to the sole of her foot to go in Jesus’ name. Pain Go! Muscles relax in Jesus’ Name. Thank you Jesus! I waited about 30 seconds and checked her pain level. The pain was now about a 4! I prayed the same prayers again. I felt a shifting under my hand in her lower back/hip area and her eyes opened! She had a beautiful smile, gave me the ok sign and started to go. I called her back and she said her pain was completely gone! Praise Jesus! We thank you, Jesus, for this healing!! She was able to bend and touch the floor, turn side to side, bend backwards, bend forward and no pain! Thank you, Jesus! We praise you, Jesus! 
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