Back & Hip Pain Goes. Effects of Witchcraft Broken!

At ‘Vida Nova”/”New Life” church, I gave a word of knowledge for “Pain in back and hips relating to uneven length of legs”. In my prayer line, I prayed for two persons with pain in back and hips, without them knowing if any leg was shorter than the other. They were both healed.

Then a young lady, whose name was ‘Paula’, came and reported severe pain in her back and hips and one leg was shorter than the other. 

This problem had grown so bad that five months ago she had back surgery, had a metal rod put in her back with eight screws to hold it in place. She still had pain and very limited range of motion, could not bend forward or sideways significantly.

I felt a stirring of faith within me and knew that God was giving us this healing. I closed my eyes and prayed “come Holy Spirit”, repeatedly for about 30 seconds. (I do not normally close my eyes when praying for the sick.) I realized that every healing or miracle is God’s gift to the recipient as well as to me, His vessel, to increase my faith, enjoy His love and learn His ways. Then I took her to a chair on the front row, sat her down and observed the difference in the length of her legs and prayed for healing for her back and hips and the lengthening of her legs. She reported feeling warmth then heat down her back. I next commanded the pain to leave the back and for the vertebrae to be healed. She started to cry out, “I feel sharp pains in my back, like many knives stabbing me many times”. I said, “It is OK, it will not last. God is healing you. The Angels are performing surgery.” After she had cried out, there was just warmth in her back. This cycle was repeated about four times lasting about 20 minutes. Then the pain did not return and all pain was gone from her back.

I asked her to do what she could not do before. She bent forwards and sideways and had full range of motion. She was free of pain and was joyful to tears. Since it involved metal, I sent her to report to Tom and to have it on video. Praise Jesus the Christ.

On Sept 30, I returned to Vida Nova/New Life and met Paula. She reported that when she woke up in the morning, her head felt like it was exploding and some of the pain seem to havte returned in her back. On further investigation I found out that she had Macumba involvement in her family line and that while in dental school she had obtained and used for study a scull that had been previously used in witchcraft. We went through the process of renouncing and nullifying all contracts and claims the demons may have had on her. She felt free of any pain. To retain her healing, I encouraged her to resist the devil when he comes to lie that she is not healed by faking a symptom and to declare her healing and testifying of it to all. She left pain free and I was extremely excited. -Peter

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