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Persistent Prayer Heals Back and Sciatica

A lady in her 40’s came who had been suffering 7-8 years from back pain and sciatica. It went the whole way up to her neck and down into her left leg. She had fallen down the stairs at her church, hitting her head and injuring her back. I did initial prayers commanding alignment and healing of her spine, and for scar tissue to disappear. She had some improvement, but most of it still remained.

I asked if there was someone or something in connection to the fall that she might need to forgive. She said, “No, it was my fault.” So I had her pray forgiving herself and she had a lot of improvement, but some pain remained. I was encouraged by Steve Wilson’s morning message telling us to be persistent, so I continued praying multiple times, short command prayers and each time she had a measure of improvement. So I said lets keep going since its working. Toward the end I just prayed, Holy Spirit come and finish it. Eventually she was totally pain free and her face radiated joy!

Rhoda, Counselor

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