Back Pain Goes After 20 Years, Knee Pain Leaves

During the Londrina outreach crusade, a man, Manguileno, and lady, Valeria, came for prayer. Manguileno wanted prayer for his relationship with Valeria. I prayed and asked God to bring peace to their relationship and would restore their relationship.

No details had been given. He also wanted prayer for Valeria’s left knee. She said her knee was injured in a motorcycle accident. I asked for permission to touch her right shoulder while the interpreter, a lady, placed her hand on Valeria’s left knee as we prayed. We prayed and commanded full restoration of the knee along with all ligaments, tendons, muscles and cartilage in Jesus name. She felt nothing after the first prayer. I prayed again and commanded the knee to be made whole and commanded trauma to come out of the knee. She said she felt heat and then felt strength come back into the knee. She and Manguileno were happy as she told him about what Jesus was doing. She had only a little pain. We prayed again until there was no pain. I then felt an impression that there something wrong with her back. She had back pain which was strong, but she never mentioned it. I prayed for restoration of all muscles, tendons, vertebrae and commanded all back pain to be gone. After we were done, she said she had no more pain. I asked her how long she had had the pain. She had had the pain for 20 years! I asked her what happened. She had been in a motorcycle accident and had broken both hips. She had had the pain since the accident. She and her boyfriend were crying and thanking Jesus for what He had done.
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