Global Awakening

Back Pain Healed in Brazil (2018)

On Wednesday, a woman with back pain for 5 years came up for prayer. She had very limited mobility and required assistance to walk. We asked her to rate her pain on a scale from 0-10, and it was a 10. We said, “Good, it will be easy to know when you receive healing then.” 

The first time we prayed, pain went to an 8. Second time we prayed, I asked God to get it down to at least a 5. We asked her where the pain was and with a huge smile she said, “Basically it’s a zero”. We asked her to test her mobility and do things she couldn’t do before. She was able to turn her head from side to side, she was able to lean from the waist side to side, she could move her hips again and she could almost touch her toes. She walked without assistance! Gloria de Deus!!!

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