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Back Pain Healed after 10 years of Suffering

An elderly lady who had back pain for 10 years came for prayer. I decided to ask her to sit on a chair and then stand so I could see for myself what pain she suffered.

When she tried to stand, she slowly bent forward and slowly with a pained expression stood up from the chair. I ask God to heal all the vertebra, disks, nerves and hernias in her back and spoke to the spine to come in line with her perfect body. We kept on in commanding prayer. I ask her how she was. She said, “Okay.” I said, “Now sit down in the same chair and see if there is any difference getting out.” She sat and when the translator asked her to get up, she flew out of the chair so fast that her legs could hardly keep up with the action. She was so happy holding her hands together and praising God. She was healed!
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