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Back Straightens, Man Grows Taller!

During the ministry time after Heidi Baker had spoken, God pointed out a young man (in his thirties) to me and told me to go and pray for him. On approaching him I stood face-to-face and asked what he had come forward prayer for. He stated that he had suffered from a twisted back since birth. 

As I looked into his eyes I noted he was about an inch shorter than me (around 6ft tall). I placed my right hand on the middle of his back and spoke healing in the name of Jesus commanding the back to straighten. Immediately his back straightened and he looked down at me from his new height of around 6 feet 5 inches. 

At this point my wife joined me and noticed that his shoulders didn’t line up. We both prayed that his shoulders would be alignment and they straightened up. Praise God. – Ian Pearson, Retired

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