Back with Scoliosis Realigned

I gave a word of knowledge for someone with back pain on the left side. I approached a man who looked like he wanted prayer, so I used Google translate to ask him if he would like me to pray for him. His name is Roberto, and he has been suffering with scoliosis for over 30 years. From the time he was young and all through the years up to the present, he has worked. The heavy lifting has taken a toll on his back and caused the scoliosis. He could not bend over and touch his feet. A translator helped me as I prayed for him. I asked him if he wanted to choose to forgive anyone or even the workplace where he worked. He said no. I asked the Holy Spirit which type of prayer to use, and I sensed command-type prayers.  I began to pray for him by thanking Jesus for His healing power and releasing it into his back, his vertebrae, discs and all muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue. In the name of Jesus, I commanded the vertebrae and discs to move into perfect straight alignment, the muscles to be strong, supportive, and lengthened, and flexibility in his back to be restored. I commanded all calcium deposits and arthritis to break apart and dissolve in Jesus’ name. I declared full healing and restoration in Jesus’ name. After prayer I asked him to try to touch his toes. He bent over and stretched to reach his toes. It was a little better than when he tried before prayer. So I continued to pray again and then test again. Each time after prayer he was able to reach for his toes more. After prayer the 4th time, he was able to almost touch his toes. He stood up and declared he was healed completely! We gave thanks and praises to Jesus!!! He was overjoyed! He had his wife check his back, and the bone bumps that used to be there were no longer there! Wow! Praise God!      – Cheryl, Retired

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