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Couple with Conception Issues Receive from Holy Spirit!

A husband and wife came for prayer so they could conceive. They had been trying for a year. The wife shared that she was HIV positive before they married and was afraid that her husband had contracted it as well. 

She also had two children prior to meeting her husband and the women in her family had issues conceiving more than two children. I both petitioned and commanded HIV to leave and for restoration of their blood. We walked through forgiveness prayers and releasing any shame or worry. We also prayed against any spirits she may have received from previous sexual partners and breaking off any generational curse and the spirit of barrenness. I then commanded healing in her womb and for her fallopian tubes to open and be healed. She said she felt something like a bubble growing in her belly and then something popped open while I prayed. I encouraged them both to follow up with their doctor to be checked for HIV. We thanked God for what he had done in her womb. – Carmeal 

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