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Bi-polar Woman Delivered!

Vic saw a woman spotlighted by God. We approached and asked if she needed prayer. She went to get an interpreter – her husband! She had depression and was up and down emotionally (Bi-polar in our terms) and had just found out she was pregnant.

We immediately asked about involvement in the occult. At first she only spoke of her mother’s involvement. But as we led her through identification and repentance she seemed to name her whole family – cousins to uncles. The curse of false gods, divination, the occult and witchcraft were broken through forgiveness of family and self. We next removed the spirits that were left behind – fear, anxiety and depression. She responded immediately with tears of joy as each minion left!! We prayed the blood of Jesus over her and “clothed” her in righteousness rather than depression.

We blessed her pregnancy, prayed a father’s and a mother’s blessing and a blessing for their marriage. We spoke of how to stand in their new freedom and thanked the Lord for freedom! We prayed for a filling of the love of the Father and great JOY!

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