Birth Defects Corrected By Prayer!

I prayed for a lady who was born with a birth defect from the waist down. Her right leg was an inch and a half longer than the other and her lower spine was twisted. 

Even with the surgery that had been performed she still was unable to walk without limping. I prayed for her spine and the pain left. Then I sat her down and prayed for alignment of the right leg. She said she felt a strange pull from her right hip down. I looked at her leg and realize that her right leg grew out to the length of the left. She started to cry and said all pain was gone. I ask her to walk, but the limping was still there. I told her the Lord is still working on her spine and have faith because when He starts something He doesn’t stop until He completes his work in a person’s life. She was so grateful she turned around and prayed for me.

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