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Blind Eye Opened!

During the evening service and mother and her adult son came to me for prayer. He was born with a cornea defect and was blind in his left eye. There was no cure except to have an eye transplant. As he said, someone would have to die, for him to be healed. Amen! Jesus did! I prayed that Jesus would ask the angel that ministers with me to heal his eye. I also prayed a more traditional 5 step prayer model prayer. His eye was healed almost completely, and he gave his testimony by allowing Global to video him sharing his healing experience. Praise Jesus who opens blind eyes. Others God healed were, a woman with cataracts and deafness, another with back pain, another with joint pain, another with diaphram pain, and another of coughing for 15 years. All healed. Praise Jesus! -Kathy, Minister

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