Blind Eyes Are Being Healed in Brazil, and Here’s Proof

Did you know that God is doing miracles all around the world? You don’t have to look far to find amazing first-hand accounts of God intervening with supernatural power to bring healing.

In today’s article, we’ve pulled together six accounts of eyesight being miraculously restored. All of these come from our team in Brazil, and if you read carefully, you’ll catch some useful tips for the next time you’re praying for someone! Click through the slideshow below…

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10, 20, 30, 100%

From Ian, a property developer (March Brazil Trip 2019)

I prayed for a middle-aged woman who had nearly no sight. After the first prayer, she said her sight improved by about 10%, so we prayed again, thanking God for what he’d done. This time she said she was better by about 20%. Then we prayed again, and she was 30% better. One more time we prayed, blessing her, and thanking God again. Then she made a noise and said, “I can see, I can see!”. We checked by having her read my badge card, and she could read it as clear as day. Praise God!

Darkness to Light

From Jody K., Retired (December Brazil Trip 2018)

A woman had headaches and an eye disease that was causing her to go blind. She had already lost 50% of her vision. I prayed and commanded the headache to leave and the eye condition to be healed and full vision restored. I asked her about her headache first. She said the pain was gone. Then she started talking excitedly to the interpreter who told me that she was saying she could see much more than before. She was seeing people up in the balcony where before that distance would all be dark to her. Praise Jesus for His healing grace!

Pressure & Fuzziness Healed

From Pauletta H, an Energy Consultant (December Brazil Trip 2018)

A tall man came forward after the service for prayer relating to eye pain/eye pressure. He said that he could only see fuzziness in both eyes for the past year. I laid hands on his eyes and prayed for the fire of God to come into his eyes and grant him clear vision. Then, he said that he could see. I said, “Let’s see what you can do now.” We had him read messages and ads on a cell phone. We marveled at what God was doing. His sight was restored! Wow!

Left Eye: Blind No More!

From Valerie M., a Healing Rooms Director (December Brazil Trip 2018)

We had a woman come for prayer that had lost sight in her left eye years ago. She had gone to the doctor and they had told her that they did not hold out much hope for her eye but went ahead and scheduled surgery before the end of December. I prayed for her and I released life, abundant life and healing to her eye. I had her check it out by placing her hand over her good eye and she reported she could see a little light! We shared with her how important celebrating what Jesus is doing is so we celebrated together. There was another team member there, too, so she prayed for her eye. After she prayed the lady reported improvement and we all celebrated what Jesus was doing! There was a third team member there who prayed a third prayer over the lady’s eye. When the lady covered her good eye again she could see clearly with the eye that had been blind and read the lyrics that were projected on the screen at the other end of the church! Hallelujah Jesus!

They Said There Wasn’t A Cure

From Kathy, a Minister (October Brazil Trip 2018)

A mother and her adult son came to me for prayer. He was born with a cornea defect and was blind in his left eye. There was no cure except to have an eye transplant. As he said, someone would have to die, for him to be healed. Amen! Jesus did! I prayed that Jesus would ask the angel that ministers with me to heal his eye. I also prayed a more traditional 5 step prayer model prayer. His eye was healed almost completely, and he gave his testimony by allowing Global to video him sharing his healing experience. Praise Jesus who opens blind eyes.

Pushing Through For 100%

From Ai Lee, a Doctor (September Brazil Trip 2018)I interviewed a mom, Celia, with her two teenagers, a son, and daughter. The lady was in her 50’s and was wearing thick glasses and called me to pray for improved eyesight. We invited the Holy Spirit to come and thanked God for His presence. Next, we commanded the eyes to be restored to normal, for normal flexibility to come to the lense, to have no more cataracts, et cetera, all in Jesus’ name. I asked her to read the back of my name badge which had the names of our team members (in a very small font size). “Wow!”, she exclaimed, “Look, my name is there, Celia is my name and I can read that!” I understood her vision had improved, with her glasses on. The joy on the face of the mum, son and daughter said it all. Thank you, Jesus. Then (through an interpreter), we said, “take off your glasses” and read the large letters on the front screen. Celia said it was unclear. We thanked Jesus for what He had started in Celia. We asked Jesus to continue what he was doing in Celia, to restore her vision completely. We declared normal lense, globe, optic nerve and muscles in his name. Celia opened her eyes, looked up at the screen with a face full of joy. “I can see, I can see! those letters are clearer. Wow!” Then she took her glasses, which were in her hand and placed them on her T-shirt saying, “I don’t need these now!”

As you can see above, most of these people who prayed for healing aren’t “spiritual superstars”, they are normal people who chose to travel with our team to encounter God in new places and help people they may have never been able to reach before.

What doubts plague you when you pray for healing? What keeps you from stepping out in faith? As you read these stories of healing, remember that this is your inheritance. Jesus purchased healing on the cross, and the Holy Spirit has empowered you to minister that healing to others.

God’s kingdom has come. He has defeated the powers of darkness that ruled this earth, and He wants to co-labor with you to manifest His rule, His peace, His life, His goodness, His healing in this world.

You can see these kinds of healings happen in your own life, through your own ministry. Take your doubts to God, take your perceived failures to Jesus, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh today and embolden you to do the works of Jesus this week.

PS) You can join our ministry team on a trip, and see these kinds of miracles happen through your own hands! Join our team on the next trip.

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