Blinded Eye Healed! Whole Body Restored

My first blind eye! A young girl in her early 20’s had a condition that was making her one eye go blind. Half of the pupil of the affected eye had gone totally white and she could see nothing. 

The other half only had foggy vision. Also, because of either the condition or the effects of the treatment for it, she would not be able to have children. Kyler and I had her touch her eye and we laid hands on her hands and prayed. During the interview she said a lot of heat was going through her as tears came from that eye. We prayed and interviewed again. She had 80% improvement. We covered her other eye and she could tell me how many fingers I held up.

I told her about a word of knowledge I had a few days ago that I needed to pray for women who had trouble getting pregnant. I told her that we were going to pray again for 100% healing. She got blasted after that so I believe she got her total healing with all complications gone and her body restored! Praise Jesus!

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