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Blind Eyes Are Being Healed…Here’s Proof

Did you know that God is doing miracles all around the world? You don't have to look far to find amazing first-hand accounts of God intervening with supernatural power to bring healing.

In today's article, we've pulled together six accounts of eyesight being miraculously restored. All of these come from our team in Brazil, and if you read carefully, you'll catch some useful tips for the next time you're praying for someone! Click through the slideshow below…

Turn your phone horizontally to read the stories.

As you can see above, most of these people who prayed for healing aren’t “spiritual superstars”, they are normal people who chose to travel with our team to encounter God in new places and help people they may have never been able to reach before.

What doubts plague you when you pray for healing? What keeps you from stepping out in faith? As you read these stories of healing, remember that this is your inheritance. Jesus purchased healing on the cross, and the Holy Spirit has empowered you to minister that healing to others.

God’s kingdom has come. He has defeated the powers of darkness that ruled this earth, and He wants to co-labor with you to manifest His rule, His peace, His life, His goodness, His healing in this world.

You can see these kinds of healings happen in your own life, through your own ministry. Take your doubts to God, take your perceived failures to Jesus, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you afresh today and embolden you to do the works of Jesus this week.


PS) You can join our ministry team on a trip, and see these kinds of miracles happen through your own hands! Join our team on the next Brazil trip in September!

Joseph Cotten photographJoseph is Global’s Digital Marketing Manager, which means that he leads our efforts to accurately communicate our vision & values to you. Joe enjoys helping people connect with Global’s unique calling to minister. He also enjoys things of the geeky variety, has played guitar for a really long time, roasts his own coffee, has a beloved senior golden retriever named Pippin, and has a PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving. He does not have a PhD in Underwater Basket Weaving.
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