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Spiritual Formation Through Encounters With God

Camden struggled with chronic food allergies and daily migraines. She saw countless Doctors and could never find the source or cure for her issues. All of this led to her being, in her words, a “bored believer” until she was miraculously healed of her chronic illnesses. That experience really helped her realize that God was for her, and loved her so much.

Through an incredible experience on our Youth Power Invasion trip, Camden says she her life was changed and her walk with God began to take off, which brings us to today’s podcast on Spiritual Formation. Hit the play button to get inspired in your own walk with God!

Spiritual formation: that process of growing in Christ-likeness and maturity, is such a key part of our Christian life. In this podcast episode, we discuss how having God-encounters can be a powerful catalyst for our inner growth.

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PS) As you’ll hear, a big part of Camden’s story centers around her experiences on a Youth Power Invasion (YPI) trip. We’ve got another YPI coming up this summer, click here to learn more about it.

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