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Blurriness in the eye healed by the power of Jesus

Jemima came for prayer for healing. She said the left side of her body was weak and her left eye had blurred vision. She didn’t know the cause or when the symptoms began. She said this is not a common problem in her family. First, I invited the Holy Spirit to come and to strengthen her body. Her eyes twitched as I prayed. I asked how she felt in the left side of her body. She didn’t notice anything. I asked her to check out her eye before we prayed to check the amount of blurriness. I prayed for her eye commanding the nerves to function properly, for the eye to take its proper shape and for the blurriness to leave. When I stopped praying it took her some time to open her eyes. She felt something happening in her eyes. She tested her vision and it had improved. I asked her to pray and thank God for the improvement. She did and then I prayed again the same things. She checked her eye again and it was much better than before and only a little blurry. Again she thanked God and I prayed the same things. She checked her eye and the blurriness was gone. Both eyes were clear. She prayed and thanked God for her healing. Thank you Jesus.

Craig M, Missionary

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