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Bone Marrow Infection Healed

Steve and I united in prayer over a lady who had an infection/virus in her bone marrow in her spinal column. This had taken away her ability to bend her legs and even to sit down. She moved with a walker all the time but was only getting worse.  

The Brazilian pastor’s wife was also praying over her. We prayed for a while and she felt the need to “sit” on the floor.  After she did that, the pastor’s wife said that the lady hadn’t been able to do that in a long time.  After several other people joined us, we prayed some more. Steve asked if she was ready to try to walk.  At first she was fearful to try to walk without her walker.  We got her walker, helped her to stand up, and she began to move slowly with the walker.  She was feeling heat in her body throughout this whole time.  As she moved along, she became more confident. We rebuked the spirit of fear and continued to pray over her. She gradually started to move the walker forward and walk without her hands on the walker.  Her confidence continued to grow, and she eventually walked while just holding on to somebody on either side when needed.  Also, by this time, her knees were bending again, which had not happened since the disease set in.  Her husband and her child were astonished by all this.  We don’t know what the final outcome was after that because we had to transition to something else, but God was certainly at work! – Steve and Daniel 

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